Integrated with 1K x 1K CCD Camera & Digital Imaging management system





KMC-950 Mobile Surgical C-arm systems are integrated with a triple field 9” image intensifier tube, 1k X 1k CCD digital camera and a rotating anode X-ray tube for R/F applications.  The C-arm’s High Frequency x-ray generator is designed with state-of-the-art microprocessor controls. A touch sensitive LCD control panel makes system operation and visualization on the large LCD displays easy.

The compact size, large diameter wheels, steering handle and lighter weight, correctly distributed, allow for ease of maneuverability, quick positioning and the necessary flexibility to perform a wide range of R/F procedures meeting the needs of medical healthcare facilities globally. The KMC-950 C-arm is utilized in both in and out-patient care clinics and hospitals for surgical, orthopedic, urology, angiography, trauma and pain management procedures

High Frequency Generator : 
- 125 KV/ 150 mA for Rad.
    - 40-125 KV / 1-5 mA Fluoro
- 120 KV/ 20 mA for Boost FL. 
Microprocessor Control & APR Panel
LCD Touch Control Screen & Window
High Power Inverter : 12.5 kW
High Resolution II Tube : 9” II (Triple Mode)
X-ray Tube : Rotating Anode Tube
Pulsed fluoro for dose reduction
Boost fluoro ( 20mA)  for high contrast image
Auto Brightness Control ( ABC) for fluoro image
1K x 1K CCD Camera & Dual LCD 19" Monitor
DIS Software including DSA (optional)
DICOM send and CD Burn
Power Requirement : 110/220 VCA, 50/60 HZ
KMC950 Specification



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KMC 950