Digital PDX 1210 


The POSKOM PDX-1210, Portable Direct Capture Digital Radiographic ( DR) System is the lightest, most compact Hybrid Battery Powered Unit and the most advanced portable DR system in the radiology market today.  The PDX-1210 DR system is integrated with the VET-20BT Hybrid Battery portable X-ray unit via wireless sync. module, which is facilitated by a Radio-Frequency ( R/F) Communication device.  

The POSKOM PDX-1210 system is designed for radiographic applications that require easy mobility, immediate results and superior image quality in the clinical setting. The system is very useful for ambulatory practices in which the medical doctors desire immediate, on-site diagnosis and treatment and eliminates multiple field visits.





POSKOM PDX-1210 consists of following components:


DR plate : Vatech / Samsung plate 10x12
Types : Amorphous Silicon TFT / Csl.Tl
Software : dicom PACS DX-R
Diagnostic Image & Tutoring program
Hybrid Battery DR Power Unit & Controller
  VET-20BT, Hybrid Battery Generator
  Wireless Sync. module for Image capture
  Dual Laser pointer & Laser collimator
  300 exposures with single recharges battery
  HP laptop and Window XP OP systems
  Carrying Case : Pull Handle & Wheel type
  Power Requirement : 110-220 V, 50/60 Hz
  PDX-1210 specification



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PDX-1210 DR Hybrid Battery System Package with VET-20BT X-ray unit

10x12 DR Plate & Wireless VET-20BT Hybrid Battery Powered Generator

Carrying Case
Pull Handle with Wheel