Mobile X-ray Systems for Human Health Care
MPX - 20/40 HF

For the highest in image quality that is both cost 

effective and easy to use, MPX-HF mobile systems 

are introduced for human health care. MPX-40HF and MPX-20 PLUS generator are designed with a truly unique HF inverter power supply and innovative software program. Both of X-Ray systems are the most compact, Ultra-light weight, easy transportable and most powerful x-ray system in their respective classes. They are the best and perfect choice for a private home-care, nursing home-care or small medical clinic radiological application.  

Micro-Processor & Remote Control Software
High Frequency generator : 35 mA / 100 kVp
Optimized mAs & Kvp Setting
Pre-Set  APR Memory Stations
Digital LED display & reversible readout SW
Remote Control Hand SW  & Software
Super mobility and transportation
Cassette bin attached on mobile stand
Superior image quality  for all radiography
Automatic line voltage compensation
Halogen lamp collimator
Light Weight ( 130 lbs) & Compact size
120 /220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


MPX-20/40 HF Specification

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Transport Position

Real Compact in Fold

Cassette Bin