Portable X-ray Unite for Podiatry


The PXP-15HF is newly designed with evolutionary engineering for the dedicated podiatry x-ray system which is integrated with a tube-stand and mid-base table.

PXP-15HF generator is designed with state-of-the-Art microprocessor control and PROM memory for preset APR programmable technique.  Providing a constant potential x-ray energy (15mA/80KV) and micro focal X-ray tube, the APUS system produces the highest quality image and the best image resolution for all podiatry radiography.

HF Generator: 70 kHz Inverter type
Microprocessor controller & Software
Constant Potential X-Ray energy output
Remote Control Software & PROM memory
kVp range: 50-80 kVp, 1 kV increment
mA Range: 11-15 mA
mAs Range: 0.3 - 30 mAs, 31 steps
Flat touch panel & digital display
Pre-set technique selection: 18 APR selections
LED readout for kV & mAs
Automatic power line control & adjustment
Built-in Halogen lamp collimator
Hand switch, RS-232 cable & power cord
OP panel mounting Pad.
Power requirement: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

        1. Generator Specification:


Model : PXP-15 HF Generator
Type of Generator

High Frequency 

Inverter type

X-Ray Output 1.2 KW / HF
KV Range 50 to 80 Kv, 1.0 kV increment
Max. kV Deviation 7 %
MA Range      11 –15 mA variable
MAS Range    0.3 –30 mAs, 31 Steps
MAs Max. Deviation 10.0 %


        2. Control Console: Remote Control Console type



Microprocessor control

Display LED 7 segments
KV  Display 50-80 KV range, 1.0 KV in Step.
MAS Display 0.3 –30 mAs, 31 steps
Pre-Set     PROM memory, 6 stations
Patient Size Select    Small, Med and Large Patient selection for preset technique data.
Storage Enter Preset data enter & store
Ready LED Prep. Indication
X-Ray LED Radiation emit indication
Wait LED 1.5 Sec waiting time between each exposure
Error LED Indication of improper exposure


        3. X-ray Tube




Focal Size 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm
Target Angle 14
Anode Heat Storage 7,000 HU
Heat Dissipation     50.0 HU/ Sec.
Filtration   0.2 mm Al, eq. @ 80 kV


        4. Collimator



Manual / 4 Blades

Min. Field Size 5 cm X 5cm @ 100cm SID
Max. Field Size 35cm x 35cm @100cm SID
Auto timer 30 second run off timer
Lamp     Halogen lamp, 24 Volt 150 Watt
Filter   2.0 mm Al. eq. @ 80 kV


        5. Power Requirement


Line Voltage

100-120 VAC 10 %, 

50/60 Hz

Line Phase Single phase (1)
Max. Current 16 Amp.
Input Power Rate 1,800 VA @ 110 VAC
Power Line Cord    25 ft long


         PXP-15HF (APUS) Specification


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