Hybrid Battery Powered Portable

PXM-20BT & PXM-40BT 

PXM-20 BT & PXM-40BT are the most compact and lightweight battery-powered, cordless, portable X-ray units in the medical market today. Utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful Lithium-Ion Battery, the PXM-BT portables deliver the power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery.

No external power source is required for producing the precious radiographic images PXM-BT generators are designed with state of the art Microprocessor Controls and PROM memory for preset APR programming, battery-status readouts and mAs energy-level displays including the dual laser collimator.

PXM-BT generator is integrated with RF wireless module ( Optional) which is facilitated by Radio-Frequency ( RF)communication device for X-ray exposure synchronization

The Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable and has a very long lifecycle (of over 5 years) without losing power efficiency. This battery is completely free from routine maintenance. Recharging time is approximately 2-3 hours, which is much shorter than conventional batteries.

Rechargeable battery : Lithium-Ion
High energy battery : 3000 mAs
Higher output : 20-60 mA / 100 kV
Number of Exp. per full charge : 300 -500
Highly efficient, long-life battery : over 5 yrs
Free from battery maintenance
RF wireless control for DR exposure (optional)
Strong, long-life battery : approximately 5 yrs
21 selections of APR programs
Dual Cross Laser & Dual Laser Pointer
mAs energy status display
Charger power : 110 / 220 VAC auto switching
PXM-20BT/PXM-40BT specification

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PXM-20BT, Hybrid Battery Generator

PXM-40 BT, Hybrid Battery Generator

No Power Cord & Sync.Cable needed

Lithium Battery and Battery Charger

RF Sync Module for DR interface