Smallest size, lightest weight but 

highest value for equine doctors




The XP-16HF Micro Portable is newly designed with

innovative micro engineering technology for an equine veterinarians, specially for female doctors.  Weighting 

only 13.8 lb and a dual laser focusing on the center of

X-ray film at 26" preset SID, PXP-16HF is the lightest, smartest and most durable X-ray unit in the world.

The new software controller makes the most difficult equine radiographic imaging easier by only taking one exposure

without retaking a film repeatedly.


Preset PROM technique, Collimator lamp and laser pointer

are turned on and selected by remote hand-switch prior to

making an exposures.  Fixed 16 mA and 40 to 80 KV provide plenty of power output for all equine radiographic needs.


PXP-16HF Micro Portable


Innovative Micro Engineering Portable


Lightest weight & durable cover:14 lbs only
High frequency inverter type: 100 KHz
Superb image quality: 1.0 mm focal size
Constant potential radiation energy output
Remote control software & PROM memory
Programmable pre-set technologies
Dual laser pointer for pre-set auto focus
Halogen lamp collimator & 4 blades
Flat OP control panel & digital display LED
DR interface & auto recognition
Automatic line voltage compensation


Exp. & Remote Control Hand Switch



PXP-16HF Specification



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